Ambassador Referral Program

As a thank-you for introducing new clients, our company pays a referral fee. If you introduce us to a client that we have not already had contact with, you earn a a one-time referral fee once they become a paying client. Referral fee are paid quarterly within 60 days of each quarter-end. 

For your selective successful clients in need of a coach we provide an elevated level of confidentiality and provide confidential Executive Coaching Program for the Aspiring and Seasoned Executives Executive, and a second program for Executive, Family, and Lifestyle Coaching for those with Very High and Ultra High Net Worth. I understand the challenges of having achieved success and I work as a strict confidant to help clients with many aspects of their lives.

The Executive Coaching Program for the Aspiring and Seasoned Executives:

We help CEOs and aspiring senior executives to achieve the results they need to succeed. The executive coaching program at our company is designed to help bright executives fulfill their goals. We run Team Coaching, Individual Executive Coaching, Corporate Development, Leadership & Professional Development. Our coaching clients are Senior Leaders & Executives, High Potentials, Mid-Level & First-Time Managers.

Professional Development:

Integrate individual aspirations with organizational goals

We help increase self-awareness

We help position leaders for organizational impact

Executive, Family, and Lifestyle Coaching for those with Very High and Ultra High Net Worth:

Financially successful individuals face even more challenges in maintaining and preserving their assets. They have unique opportunities and need to be cautious as to how they spend their time and assets. That is where confidential Executive, Family, and Lifestyle Coaching helps. I collaborate with clients and establish a safe environment where we discuss your pressing personal needs; create a plan that fits individual and a family’s specific needs and will help you to maintain and grow their wealth while leading an enriching and fulfilling life. All investment, accounting, and legal matters are referred back to you, the Ambassador. With the client’s permission, when additional opportunities in your area of expertise present itself during our conversations, I refer back to ask for your strategic participation to fulfill those areas. I provide guaranteed written trade protection.

If your current employer prohibits receiving referral fees, we are delighted to offer you dinner or another thank-you gift that does not violate your conflict-of-interest rules. If the amount paid for referrals is more than $600 at year-end, you will receive a 1099 form.


Do you know someone who would benefit from our Very High and Ultra High Net Worth Life Coaching Program? If so, refer them to us and receive a commission!


Our ambassador referral program is an excellent way to spread the word about our coaching program and earn a fee. All you need to do is refer or make a warm introduction to a client, colleague, friend, or family member interested in our services, and we will proceed from there. If you provided a warm mutual introduction to me or they use your personal VIP Code during the membership sign up process, and become a confirmed member of our coaching program, you will receive your bonus! We will issue you a personal VIP Code to share with your clients.


It is easy to participate in our Ambassador Referral Program – fill out the form below, and we will send you everything you need by email to get started, including a VIP Code, which provides a savings for your client and rewards you.

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    Clifford and Elyse Locks, enjoying 34 years of marriage

    Bronze Partner

    1-3 Referrals
    $250 Commission Per Referrals

    Silver Partner

    4-9 Referrals
    $300 Commission Per Referrals

    Gold Partner

    10-20 Referrals
    $350 Commission Per Referrals

    Platinum Partner

    21+ Referrals
    $400 Commission Per Referrals

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