Emerging Leaders Program

As a leader in your corporation, you may be considering retirement and wish to seize the opportunity to prepare for a transition and succession of your position so that it occurs smoothly. Potential candidates include senior executives or your children and grandchildren. You may consider offering this program to Office Team Members, Family Members within your Private Office, or up-and-coming employees within your businesses.

The goal of integrating your values to these individuals is to help them by proactively communicating your aspirations to mesh with their own, therefore you would help them to fulfill managerial and board positions.

The Emerging Leaders Program provides foundational education to a young person as they continue to grow and mature and move upward on their career and leadership path. Participants should have a strong desire to achieve professional excellence. We will accept candidates whose motivational foundation needs to be polished and honed as it is brought to the forefront. The goal is to ensure their personal and business success to allow for the continuity of your family’s prosperity.

The Emerging Leaders Program supports the up-and-coming generation with high-level aspirations. They may not be of age yet, perhaps they are currently in middle school, high school, prep school, or at university. Your vision may be for the family to continue a legacy, our goal is to help instill that vision early on, in an age-appropriate program tailored to each family and for each individual.

This series will sharpen the skills of the next generation into leaders who can easily move into higher levels of management, successfully navigate challenges they will encounter as leaders, and ensure their growth as they strategically rise up the organizational ladder. The goal is for their journey to be successful, potentially even seamless. It will teach the techniques used to potentially foresee and overcome the challenges that may arise.

This is a 12-session program in which participants will sharpen their business skills as well as improve upon the soft people skills necessary for effective leadership within the context of the rising professional. Participants will master topics such as executive presence and managerial effectiveness, organizational culture, negotiation strategy, mentorship, and feedback. They will learn to build successful teams – while using strategies to address prospective barriers, feel empowered and teach others how to overcome them as well.

Through education, networking, and mentoring opportunities, we help people to become better leaders and manage change with ease.


Educational Modules

Successfully Navigating Organizational Culture

Authentic leadership that inspires effective action.
The unwritten rules that are most influential within organizations.

Business Leadership Insights That Lead to Winning Success

Negotiation strategies that promote a mutual gains approach.
Innovative and creative problem solving - identify opportunities when conventional thinking has not met with success. Thinking outside the box to encourage fresh perspectives.

Goals, Objectives, And Expectations

Develop your personal leadership goals, persona, and plan of action.
Build your professional networks with functional contributions and the actionable steps of mastering working through operational, personal, and strategic networks.
You will feel empowered by a clearer vision for your future, armed with the tools needed to execute your plan.
Zoom group classes meet twice a month with the Emerging Leadership Trainer for 45-minute sessions (9 classes).

Building Career Equity and A Positive Reputation

Executive presence, communication skills, confidence, charisma, and defining your professional image.
Giving and receiving constructive specific, actionable feedback.
Collaborative Peer to Peer Mentoring and building resilience.

Business Finance Insight in The Data-Driven Digital Age of Business Intelligence

Leveraging Business Intelligence (BI) to Improve Business Operations Finance fundamentals as the path to success.

Strategies For Optimizing Performance; and Graduation

Work strategies and tips to optimize performance.
Understanding attitudes and behaviors a strategic path toward successful leadership.

Join this esteemed program and grow both your professional and personal networks, to fully achieve your professional ambitions!

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